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The Role of Antimicrobial Coatings

In our daily lives, surfaces often harbor unseen threats like bacteria and other microorganisms, posing risks of illness and product damage. This issue is particularly critical in high risk environments such as healthcare and food processing.

Microbial contamination can lead to product degradation, including mold and fungus growth. As the industry shifts towards environmentally friendly waterborne coatings, bacteria can spoil paint even before application.

Antimicrobial paints and coatings offer a promising solution to these challenges.

Enabling them to offer antimicrobial product lines, promoting the creation of hygienic environments and aligning with emerging trends.

Extending the lifespan of dry film coatings by incorporating durable antifungal properties.

Prolonging the shelf life of products with environmentally friendly, non-toxic, in-can biocides, thus reducing health and safety risks associated with toxic alternatives.

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Creating hygienic environments with antimicrobial coatings

Growing hygiene awareness, especially in hospitals and public spaces, drives demand for antimicrobial coatings. Antibiotic resistance escalates demand, particularly in food and healthcare settings.

Partner with us to create your own antimicrobial paint and coatings range.

Extending the life of dry film

Antimicrobial technology can be employed to safeguard coatings or paints from environmental elements. By integrating our technology into your paint or coatings, it can effectively extend the lifespan of the coating, maintaining surface integrity and appearance over time. This diminishes the necessity for frequent cleaning and maintenance, resulting in products that endure longer and offer cost savings for consumers. Such an approach not only distinguishes your product range but also aligns with the growing consumer preference for sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Inhibit Coatings - green
Inhibit Coatings - green

In-can biocides

Current preservation technologies often rely on known sensitizers such as isothiazolinones, which are facing increased regulatory scrutiny. Despite these pressures, as recently as 2022, most major biocide producers viewed BIT and IPBC as highly demanded products, especially with the growing waterborne coatings market placing greater demands on preservation. However, consumer and regulatory trends are now targeting these biocides as areas of concern, creating an opportunity for low or no isothiazolone formulations that exhibit no toxicity and provide robust protection.

Our antimicrobial solution is non-toxic to humans and the environment throughout distribution and use. It offers a unique approach that can reduce or eliminate the need for these harsh chemicals

Bespoke solutions

For existing paint and coating manufacturers, one of the most advantageous ways to leverage our unique technology is through our exclusive development and licensing model. We can tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements by integrating our antimicrobial technology into your existing resin system. This approach utilizes your resin system as the foundation to chemically bind with our antimicrobial technology. Subsequently, we assist in seamlessly integrating this solution into your manufacturing process.

This partnership offers several benefits:

Streamlined Antimicrobial Integration

Vertical integration of antimicrobial technology, resulting in cost reduction synergies.

Supply Chain Resilience

Enhanced supply chain resilience by incorporating antimicrobial properties directly into your products.

Cost Reduction

Reduction in costs associated with separate preservative treatments or additives.

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antimicrobial paint

Off the shelf solutions (ICL PU 10)

ICL PU 10 is an advanced antimicrobial additive with superior efficacy and longer-lasting, cost-effective benefits, thanks to its utilization of next-generation technology. It has no-VOCs, non-toxic, and exceptionally safe for handling and application. Compatible with both urethane and acrylic waterborne systems, it offers versatility in various applications. Its low dosage requirement ensures outstanding dry film antimicrobial performance. Currently accessible in Australia and New Zealand, and soon to be available in other regions of the world.

Disclaimer: Please note that not all antimicrobial efficacy claims can be made in all regions. Regulatory requirements and standards may vary by location, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure compliance with local regulations regarding antimicrobial efficacy claims.

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