Eldon Tate’s Journey in Antimicrobial Technology: The Morgo Podcast

Dr. Eldon Tate, a co-inventor behind Inhibit Coatings, recently joined Jenny Morel on the Morgo podcast to provide a glimpse into his journey in the realm of antimicrobial technology.

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Eldon Tate working in a lab

Unveiling the Potential of Antimicrobial Technology

During the podcast, Eldon illuminated the profound potential of antimicrobial technology, particularly in the context of coatings designed to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms on various surfaces. His insights reveal a world of applications, extending from enhancing the safety of healthcare equipment to everyday items. In today’s climate, where health and hygiene are paramount, these coatings offer an additional layer of protection, making them more relevant than ever.

Navigating Challenges and the Startup Rollercoaster

Eldon candidly discussed the hurdles he encountered on his journey. From securing research funding to maneuvering the intricacies of regulatory processes, protecting intellectual property, and assembling a dedicated team, the startup path came with its fair share of challenges. Aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators can draw invaluable lessons from his experiences.

A Promising Future Through Licensing

Eldon’s excitement about the continued expansion of this transformative technology through a licensing model is palpable. This approach promises to extend the impact of Inhibit Coatings, making our world safer and healthier.

Eldon’s appearance on the Morgo podcast offers a brief yet compelling journey into the world of antimicrobial technology. His insights, challenges, and aspirations provide valuable lessons for aspiring innovators. In just 20 minutes, the Morgo Podcast offers a window into the potential of tech companies emerging from New Zealand and Australia with a global vision.